Trona Pinnacles

The Trona Pinnacles was another of the places that I had read about from other full-time RVer’s and was certainly curious to visit. I give it mixed reviews.

The Trona Pinnacles are located outside of the town of Trona, CA. Trona has been a mining town since the late 1800s when they began mining Borax. (As a side note, the mining of Borax was also very big in Death Valley too.) Durning WW1 Trona was a big supplier of the potash, which is an element used in the making of gunpowder. Today, Searles Valley Minerals Inc., their biggest employer, mines for soda ash. Today, much of the town lies in decay, the neighborhoods are a mix of vacant rundown homes and homes that are lived in. But the people we met while in town were very friendly and helpful, always going out of there way to be of service to us. I had LTE service on my Verizon phone, but Maury’s AT&T service did not exist. We went into Trona daily (driving 5 miles down a very bumpy dirt road back to the highway) to get wifi at the local library and at the one and only hamburger joint.

The Trona Pinnacles have been the backdrop to dozens of movies, commercials and magazine ads.  Recently a new Rihanna music video, from Star Trek Beyond, was shot here. If you are really interested in seeing the video, you can see it here.  While we where there a film crew of some sort showed up. They were taking pictures of a classic Air Stream trailer, but I never figured out who it was that was doing the filming.



As luck would have it, we were there for the Super Moon. We arrived the night before the Super Moon and ran into an awesome photographer, by the name of Frank Foster. We learned that he spends a lot of time photographing the deserts of southern California. Maury asked him a few photography questions. He was so kind and knowledgeable about his art and gladly shared what he could in the time we visited with him. A large group of people showed up just to view the Super Moon and enjoy an easygoing tailgate party. It was amazing to see this moon out in the desert. The moon was so big and bright, that no flashlight was needed to wander around in the pinnacles.



If clouds were in the sky the sunsets were breath taking





The wind blew a gale for the last 36 hours that we were camped. The trailer constantly rocked so hard that I was slightly motion sick! No joke!

Our time here was fascinating, but I was ready to pack it up and head out by Wednesday. Although I consider myself a bit of an introvert, the lack of social interaction and the color green, was making me cranky and frustrated. Maury would have loved to stay a few more days, but he willingly packed up the trailer and hauled me out of there and drove me to the foothills below Yosemite




My really smart guy!

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