Three Months on the Road!

We have officially been on the road for 3 months. I won’t say it’s been easy, but I will say it has been worth it.

Maury (who now goes by his birth name, Joseph, because of our new business ventures and tax purposes. And let’s face it, Joe is a much easier name to remember, spell and pronounce than Maury) has taken to this new life with ease and grace. It has been exactly what he has needed at this time in his life. I, on the other hand, have had many ups and downs. Leaving family behind and the crazy emotions that come with being on the verge of {GASP} menopause have given me great reason to lean on God. The first 4 weeks were the hardest, feelings of isolation and a general feeling of sadness were always in the background. Maury was always (and continues to be) supportive and patient during my “crazy spells” and I am so grateful! I am feeling more at ease with this new lifestyle with each passing week. Heck, after about a week at any given location, I start to get “itchy feet” and find myself chomping at the bit to head out and see the next town! 🙂 

Our cat, Mae Mobley has done well. She hates moving day, but being a cat, who can blame her. However, she travels well in the car. Once we park the trailer and get things set up, she is good as gold again. I have learned that she loves to go on walks in quiet areas where there are trees and shrubs, but when we are out in the open, without a place to quickly hide, she says “No Thank You” to walks.

We have been all over California these last three months. Beginning in Oaji, we headed east to Kernville, then Lone Pine and their Alabama Hills, over to Death Valley, down to the Trona Pinnacles, up to Coarsegold and then Novato for a “small” Thanksgiving gathering (it included about 35 immediate family members).  Then, taking a deep breath we started our journey back to Southern California stopping near Sequoia National Forrest and saw the General Sherman tree. From there we head down to Bakersfield, where we met up with Christy and Taryn for their Christmas breaks, further south to Brea for Jake’s college graduation and celebration, Newport Beach for Christmas and still further down to San Diego to visit with Maury cousin. From there we went a little north to Escondido then to Aguanga and stayed at an incredible campground called Jojoba Hills. East to Borrego Springs (where I saw my first oasis) and finally on the Friday the 13th we made it out of California to Quartzsite, AZ where we parked on BLM land with a group of people called Xscapers. 

Xscapers is a subgroup of the Escapees RV club. The group is geared to the special needs of the younger full-time RVer that is still working and loves to travel. We had a nice time making connections with new friends and meeting some celebrity RV bloggers. One of my favorites, RVLove parked next to us and even invited us over for a glass of wine on a stormy night. We got to visit for a few hours and really felt the love.

Each January and February, RVer’s and Rockhounds flock to Quartzsite for the Sports and Lifestyle Show and the the Rock Show. (My father-in-law would drive to Quartzsite nearly yearly and come home with new rocks.) We went to the shows and the “always present” Flea Market, inching our way through the traffic on the block where all of the festivities are held, I have to say, I wasn’t impressed. Living in a tiny trailer makes shopping not very fun, I don’t have room for un-needed gadgets. However, we did stop at the “World’s Best Corndog” truck and that was pretty impressive.

As we left Quartzsite and headed towards Yuma, we looked back over our time there. We would go back for the connections we made, but not the shows.

Coarsegold CA

Mae Mobley liked Coarsegold.

The General Sherman tree in Sequoia National Park.

Sunset from Beetle Rock in Sequoia National Park. We could actually see the Coastal Range in the distance.

Jacob loves his sisters!

Christmas dinner at Crystal Cove State Park.

Seeing a Christmas tree on the beach was simply delightful!

Our campsite overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We could see Catalina Island.

The pool at Jojoba Hills SKP park in Aguanga, CA. Jojoba hills is a 55+ co-op park where the members buy in and pay monthly dues. When the time comes and the resident wants to leave, they get all of their money back (minus the monthly dues) and hit the road. The waiting list is about 40 people long as of today. This park had it all! Beautiful grounds, a heated pool, 2 spas, free showers, their own post office, a library with books and tons of DVDs to borrow, a poker room, a billiards hall, exercise room, saunas in the bathrooms, tennis courts, a craft room, sewing room, pottery and art studio, 2 large halls for gatherings and meetings, horseshoes, bocci court, ponds and a great view with a lot of really nice residents. I know I’m leaving something out, they had so many activities to keeps their folks active and busy.

The Palomar Observatory which houses the Hale Telescope.

Boondocking in Borrego Springs, CA.

The oasis in Borrego Springs State Park.

Ricardo Breceda Sculptures in Borrego Springs.

And finally Quartzsite, CA. We climbed as high as we could on Dome Rock.


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