Our 6 Month Nomadiversary

Six months. I’ve been living in a trailer for six months.

It really doesn’t sound all that long. I guess it isn’t. But sometimes it hits me between the eyes that we have been living on the road for SIX MONTHS!

It’s actually surreal to me. I guess that I always have in the back of my mind that we are on vacation, that we are on the way home. Maury doesn’t see it that way. To him, this is it, this is reality, this is the whole enchilada.

Our days move along. It’s still a pretty standard life. We do our work online, take Mae Mobley out for a “cat walk”, then in the afternoon, if we have time, we go out and explore the area where we are staying.

Some places have been extremely cool. The Alabama Hills, Death Valley, the Trona Pinnacles.

Some places have been rich in history. New Orleans, The Alamo in San Antonio, camped along the Mighty Mississippi River.

And yes, some places have been a little scary. (the county park in Fort Sunmer, NM!)

What have I learned so far?

  • I am braver than I thought.
  • How to take a “navy shower“.
  • How to dump the black tank.
  • It takes very little water to wash dishes and brush your teeth.
  • I don’t need nearly as many clothes as I thought I did (but I still love clothes).
  • I rely on a steady stream of Mexican food.
  • California and New Mexico have the best Mexican food and Louisiana does not (but they rock the red beans and rice!).
  • Kayaking is really fun, especially in an inflatable kayak with alligators nearby!
  • Armadillo’s can carry leprosy, so don’t pet them.
  • Jewelry is the perfect, small souvenir.
  • Access to really good WIFI is not something to be taken for granted.
  • Everyone, and I mean everyone, has an interesting story.
  • Just because people live in a certain area does not make them better, worse, smarter or less educated than me.
  • Normal people live in trailers.
  • Maury loves solitary places.
  • I like to have people nearby.
  • Campgrounds with a hot tub are worth the extra money.
  • A 80 degree day is my idea of the perfect temperature.
  • Every place is beautiful in its own way.
  • Ask local people where to eat.
  • Doing laundry at the campground laundry room really isn’t bad at all! I can run two or three loads all at the same time and then I’m done for the day!
  • Walking a cat on a leash gets me some funny looks.
  • Warm weather brings people out of their trailers and makes them more social.
  • Tornado warnings seem to happen mostly at night.
  • I have made some really good friends.
  • My husband is one of those really good friends

I’ve been keeping up a map of all the places we have camped. You canĀ find my map here.


4 thoughts on “Our 6 Month Nomadiversary

  1. Julie, loved your blog and your map makes me a little envious, although, I have seen much of what you are now seeing. I am so happy you have learned:
    *Where a person lives does not make them better, worse, smarter or less educated than you. God levels the playing field for all of us. What really matters is how much we love.

    *Every place is beautiful in it’s own way. Nothing can beat God’s canvas.

    We look forward to your next blog or us all being together in California. Love you, Mom

  2. Hi Mom! Thanks for the encouragement. We are looking forward to getting back to the west coast and seeing all of our loved ones. See you soon.

  3. What a great blog…first time I’ve been on here. I can totally understand some of your feelings of being lonely and I leave in a house ? Be assured that you can feel that way moving to a new area when you’re in your 50’s or leaving and moving around in a traveling home. Embrace the beautiful places and people you are meeting and I will think of you at night when the loneliness hits me the hardest. Proud of you Little sister…Who would have thought that pesky little sister would turn out to be more like me then I thought and my kindred spirit ? I’m here if you ever need to talk. See you soon ?

    1. You are the sweetest person I know! Thank you for the love. I can’t wait to see you in August. Love you bunches!

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