Alabama Hills BLM

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-4-02-13-pm Mt. Whitney from our ‘dining room’ window.

Having read about the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine, CA from other blogging RVers over the past couple of years, I needed to visit for myself. The pictures of the rock formations were amazing and wild. As a horse-crazy girl, I would watch “old west” movies and tv shows. They gave me the feeling that I had been born into the wrong era and I longed to be that rough & tumble, incredibly cute heroine that rode the open range on her well trained pinto. 

The Alabama Hills BLM (bureau of land management) lies just outside of Lone Pine, CA at the eastern foot of      Mt. Whitney. The geology is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, it’s right out of those old westerns I would watch. You know why? Because many of them were filmed right here!  It’s the perfect place to scramble up rocks, feeling like you are just playing around like a kid and yet this counts as exercise, imagine that. This place has captured my imagination.

From where we have parked our trailer, we have an amazing view of Mt. Whitney and her rugged peaks hiding just behind the crazy Alabama Hills. The Alabama Hills look like piles of leftover rocks forgotten by the Creator after He finished chiseling Mt. Whitney on the third day. Worn by wind, rain and time, they are jagged, smooth, round, uneven in size, vertical and horizontal. They make no sense and yet they are perfect.

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